Workout On The Go

Workout On The Go


A big part of my life is exercise. It fuels my mind whilst also bringing me a lot of joy... and I find that in busy times or when I’m away on holidays, it’s much better for me to make time for exercise than to not. Over the past month I’ve been super busy, and now I’m taking a break at the beach for a week or so. If I lack the physical activity that my body needs, my mental and physical health is noticeably effected, so it is extremely important for me to find a balance. 

Ideally, I’ll go to the gym at least three times a week and in between I’ll run or go for a long walk etc. But, when I don’t have access to the gym or am completely lacking motivation to leave the house, some of these following strategies keep me (somewhat) fit!

1. Popsugar Fitness

Whilst I’ve been up at my beach house, I’ve been craving a gym class... but sadly there’s no Fitness First around the area. Instead, I turned my living room into the studio and popped on one of Popsugar Fitness’s videos. It was a very effective alternative!! Some high intensity cardio and an ab workout was exactly what I needed... and it was so easy! All of their videos are clear, exciting and (reasonably) enjoyable.

2. Exploring your location

Make your surroundings your gym. Find a hike or a bush walk you could do. Maybe there’s a beachside boardwalk or a mountain to climb. If you’re in the city, cancel the uber, give the bus a pass and walk to your final destination. Do a bit of wandering... whatever it is, embrace it, make the most of the world around you. And really, it’s the best of both worlds, you’ll broaden your mind whilst also getting some extra exercise in!


3. Get creative around the house

Don’t get lazy. Head into your backyard to do some gardening (that’s a real workout!) Always choose to climb the stairs. Move things around. Get in some extra squats whilst you’re watching TV. Do some pilates on your living room floor, with your dog watching... and looking at you like you’re crazy. Do a quick ab workout whilst soaking up the sun. If you’re by the beach, do some laps! Swimming is the absolute best form of exercise and it’s quite lovely as well. Be creative and enjoy it whilst you’re doing it!! I love to find little (aesthetically pleasing) motivation spreads like this one —

4. Try something new

If you’re in a new area, head over to the closest gym and ask to do a free trial. There could be programs for different activities that are on. When I’m up at Burleigh, often I wake up and do Tai Chi on the beach and it’s free, so I would 100% recommend seeking out different activities. Often I’ve seen some great looking yoga or pilates studios around the place that I’ve also wanted to try, and most of the time I’ve found that people are very welcoming and happy to have you!


Copyright: Lara Richardson

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