When in Copenhagen

When in Copenhagen


On the 26th of June, I landed in Copenhagen, full of excitement. The thrill of being in unknown territory was rushing through me as the sun set, even though it was nearing midnight. And as we drove to my temporary home, I had no idea I would fall so deeply in love with this city.

I was staying in the heart of the city, in streets speckled with cute café’s and designer stores, just a short walk away from Nyhavn. The closeness made it a simple task to settle in and get to know the people of this gorgeous country, and I soon found out that they were indeed the happiest people in the world (it's now fact).

The colours of Copenhagen blew me away, with bold oranges and yellows becoming my new favourite sight, and through my lens everything about the city looked as picturesque as it did with the naked eye.

IMG_0284 copy.jpg

The cool air (that my Aussie heart was very unprepared for) led me to do a lot of layering, and borrowing! High neck ribbed tops under vintage t-shirts, tucked into denim jeans all tied together with a nice belt was my go-to outfit, thrown together by a couple of generous friends! 


The minimalistic nature of the city contrasted with little traditional or classic elements. We would be walking through main streets and then we’d take a turn and end up in a cobblestone courtyard, surrounded by a timeline of Copenhagen’s architectural history. I am left constantly thinking of these backstreets I explored, finding gems of the past in between modern architecture. 


Quiet moments were enjoyed by the water, in the Royal Danish Library, flicking through pages of words I couldn't quite recognise. The timeless elegance of the castles let my mind wander, and I thank the peaceful essence of this time for drawing me away from my thoughts now.


Du har rørt mit hjerte - Copenhagen, you have indeed touched my heart and my mind in ways I deeply thank you for and you were the most wonderful beginning to my life-changing trip.

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