Where to Dine: Burleigh Edition

Where to Dine: Burleigh Edition


At this point in time, I would probably say that Burleigh Heads is my favourite place in the whole world. Although it isn’t anything like the Parisian streets or the New York high life, it’s simplicity draws me in. To me, Burleigh is a place that is mine, a place that I am discovering without the leads of other people. Along my little journey, I have managed to come across many eateries that add to my love of this spot, so, I have put together a Where to Eat in Burleigh Heads for you all. Enjoy!

1.      Commune Café

When my family came, and met me on the beach after they had just gone for a “walk”, they immediately started gushing about the café they had just visited, telling me I’d love it. And, they were correct. Commune just has the best vibe to it and is so unique in every way. They have little themes that you notice as you’re sitting down to eat some of the most delicious pancakes I have ever tasted, and you can’t help but find yourself scanning your eyes through the quirky interior. I wouldn't be afraid to say that Commune Café is my favourite café on the Goldy.

2.      Social Brew Burleigh

The first time I ever visited Burleigh Heads I made it my mission to go to Social Brew every single day of my stay. This was at a time when acai bowls were just coming in and it was the only café there that sold them, so naturally, after a couple of weeks of non-stop acai bowls, smashed avocado on toast and green smoothies, I was a changed woman. I think I really can blame Social Brew for my obsession with food.

3.      Borough Barista

I tend to stay close by to Borough so it is easy to pop in and grab a coffee, juice or smoothie along with a mouth-watering muffin. Close to the beach, it’s always got a buzz surrounding it, that definitely appeals to me.

4.      Kiss the Berry

Every single time I walk past Kiss the Berry, I just want to rush to the counter and order every different bowl on the menu. Everything in that store is so aesthetically pleasing it’s overwhelming! Also, had to mention that they have a whole kid’s menu of yummy bowls that are suited for the little ones – found it perfect for my brother who’s a picky eater. All in all, a Snickers Delight at breakfast, just before doing Tai Chi on the beach, made my whole day bright!

5.      The Salt Mill

Even though it’s not quite Burleigh, I couldn't miss this one. The Salt Mill, hands down, served me the best Acai bowl and best Pink Pitaya Bowl I have ever tasted. I’d recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. That’s all I need to say.


Copyright: Lara Richardson

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