Lucky enough for you, you’ve managed to stumble upon my blog through your search for inspiration or procrastination. Here, I will share my style, thoughts, adventures and passions, creating a space that is solely me and if you love it, stay and scroll.

Who am I?

I’m a Sydney girl with a love for fashion and food, and everything in between. I spend my weekends browsing the racks at markets and brunching in Bondi. I’m a huge believer in the whole healthy eating thing and am completely at ease when in the gym. I don’t know how I managed that one.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time now and the real reasons are that I want to share my creative endeavours with people, explore the world of blogging amongst like-minded people and have a place where I can collect all my styles and keep them for a rainy day!

My style is a bit all over the place but I like to describe it as a mix of minimalist and bohemian with a splash of grooviness (this should be a word.) In saying this, it’s ever-changing and ever-growing really. One day I’ll be wearing tan sandals and a cream, cotton tie-up top with flowing sleeves and the next day I’ll be wearing Doc Martens and a tee I picked up from an op-shop. Sometimes I’ll be spotted sporting a long coat with big boots or I’ll be rocking denim on denim. Every day I seem to have a new aesthetic and I think that that will be very prevalent in my blog – but that's ok! We’ll get through this.

Things that are mine.

My music:

[Alternative, Indie-Rock, a bit of everything] The 1975, Sticky Fingers, COIN, The Japanese House, David Bowie, the La La Land and Dirty Dancing Soundtracks…

Keep updated for little mixtapes I’ll post on the blog!

My places:

Glebe Markets – Glebe, Burleigh Heads (in general), Orchard St. – Bondi, Bare Naked Bowls – Manly, About Life – Sydney, The Home Interior – Nelson Bay, the beach.

My brands:

One-offs and vintage! (Sadly, for anyone who ever asks me where my clothes are from.) Other than that, pieces from Lazy Oaf, Pretty Little Thing, A Brand, Princess Polly, Bardot etc. AND Shoes usually from Doc Martens, Converse and Windsor Smith.

My colours:

PANTONE 18-1664 Fiery Red, PANTONE 17-1456 Tigerlily, PANTONE XG Orange C, PANTONE 14-0957 Spectra Yellow.

So, here’s my little intro for you! Hope you stay and browse for a little longer and make sure you get in contact with me if you have any suggestions or want to chat!

All I can really end with is:

It’s going to get messy but it’ll definitely be Treasured by Lara.


Copyright: Lara Richardson

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